Texting Behavior That Shows He's Interested in You ...


Texting Behavior That Shows He's Interested in You ...
Texting Behavior That Shows He's Interested in You ...

There is no getting away from the fact that modern dating and modern socialising, in general, can sometimes come more in the form of texting than actual talking! There is nothing necessarily wrong with this, it’s just a sign of times, but something that is very clear is that if you aren’t adept at analysing texts and emojis, then you can often miss a lot of important messages that people are trying to get across! If you need a little help in that department, then here are some examples of texting behaviour that shows he is interested in you.

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Rather than just having back and forth conversation about the day and generic things, he will be eager to know more about you than the average person. He will be very inquisitive about your life, asking you lots of questions, trying to get better picture of who you are and how you can be yourself. He’ll want to know that you favourite everything is, so be prepared to answer a lot of questions!


Avid Interest

He will take an avid interest in whatever you happen to be doing right now. His messages will go beyond the usual ‘what’s up’ style of communication. He will be more precise and incisive with this texts because he wants you to see that he taking a genuine interest in the things that you are actually up to.


Fast Replies

If he is super into you, he won’t be able to play it cool and calm with his reply times. You can expect to receive a text back within a minute of sending a message, because even if he doesn’t want you to realise, he is basically just sat by his phone waiting for you to get in touch!


Seeking Opportunities

He will always be seeking out opportunities to see you, whether overtly or surreptitiously. He’ll ask you want you are doing at the weekend, and if it is something in a public setting, he will almost always say something along the lines of “oh no way! I think I’m going to be around there too” etc.



Most guys just like to cut to the chase at the end of the day, so if he is being direct with you about his interest, then you will know for sure. It will come across even more blatant in his messages because he won’t be able to add any nuance to them!

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