15 Awesome Ways to Make Him Addicted to You ...


15 Awesome Ways to Make Him  Addicted to You ...
15 Awesome Ways to Make Him  Addicted to You ...

When you have a crush, it’s safe to say that you will do pretty much anything to get them to like you back! The depths that us girls go to bag out dream man can border on hilarious, as evidenced by the many romantic comedies that have filled the screens for generations, but what about when you really, really want him to get hung up on you in a big way? Let me say first that there is no beating truly strong chemistry, but that isn’t to say that you can’t do a few things here and there that hurry that chemistry building along! Here are fifteen ways to make him addicted to you!

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Don’t Change Him

A guy will be irreversibly turned off if one of the first things you do is set about trying to change him.


Open up

Be as open with him as you can, he will feel really wanted and special to be let in on some of your more personal thoughts and feelings.



Share a few secrets with him, everyone loves a good secret, and he will definitely come back for more!


Understand His Mood

Get to know his rhythm and what his different moods mean. He will really appreciate having someone around who understands.



Show an interest in his various hobbies and passions, he will enjoy sharing his knowledge and excitement with you.



Be a good listener for him. Guys aren’t always as lucky with their friends; they can’t always find someone to open up to as easy as us ladies.



Never underestimate the addicting power of a girl who can genuinely make a guy smile!



He will be even more eager to spend time with you when he sees that you are understanding enough to know when to give him his space.



Don’t only take an interest in his hobbies, but also make an effort to get involved with them if he invites you to do so.



Make sure that you showcase all of your talents for him. Whatever it is that you are good at, let him see it and become enchanted!



Confidence is super sexy, and the more of it you exude, the more drawn to you he is going to be.


Well Dressed

Not that you should ever need to dress in a specific way to please a man, but there’s no denying the effect that a sexily dressed beauty can have on people!


Your Smile

We’ve talked about how making him smile can work, but there is also a lot of power in your own smile. Show it as much as possible!



When he feels strongly about a certain decision, make sure that you show him that you respect it and are really taking it on board. It will make him feel wanted and respected.



The transformative powers of makeup are something that men still don’t fully understand, so use this mystique to your advantage!

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