How to Introduce Yourself to Him ...


How to Introduce Yourself to Him ...
How to Introduce Yourself to Him ...

When you see a hot guy, you have to talk to him if you want him to become your boyfriend. It's a scary thought, but you're capable of approaching him and introducing yourself. Don't assume that you have no reason to talk to him, because being in the same room is a good enough reason to strike up a conversation. If you're still nervous about the idea, here are a few different ways to introduce yourself to him:

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Use Social Media

Use Social Media If your palms sweat and pulse quickens whenever you try to approach your crush, make the first move over social media. If you work together or are in the same class, then it's not weird for you to know his name. That means you can search for his profile and add him. When you do, make sure you send him a quick message introducing yourself, so that he doesn't wonder who you are.


If you’re looking to introduce yourself to him, social media can be a great way to break the ice. Social media has become a major part of our lives, and it can be a great way to get to know someone without the pressure of face-to-face interaction. It also allows you to get to know someone in a more relaxed setting.

When using social media to introduce yourself, it’s important to be respectful and not come off as too forward. Make sure to send a message introducing yourself, so that he knows who you are. You can also start by liking some of his posts or commenting on them in a friendly manner. This will let him know that you’re interested in getting to know him.

Another great way to make a connection on social media is to join groups or pages that are related to his interests. This will give you an opportunity to start a conversation about something you both have in common. You can also start a conversation by asking him questions about his hobbies or interests.


Have a Friend Make the Introduction

Have a Friend Make the Introduction If your crush just so happens to be friends with one of your friends, then you don't have to worry about randomly walking up to him. You can have your pal plan a group outing that involves the two of you. Then you can have her introduce you.


Get Him Alone

Get Him Alone It's easier to introduce yourself to him when you two are completely alone. If you work together, and notice that he always gets to the building early, then you should do the same. When you're the only two around, it won't be weird for you to start talking.


Ask Him a Question

Ask Him a Question The best way to introduce yourself is by asking him a question. That way, he'll have to answer you. If you have class together, ask him if he knows where a certain classroom is. After he tells you the information you need, you can say, "By the way, my name is..." and then you're all set!


Asking a question is an effortless approach; it's subtle, engaging, and opens a dialogue. Consider inquiring about his opinion on a topic related to your surroundings or an event that both of you might be interested in. This could range from a new café that opened up to the book he's carrying. Once he shares his thoughts, it transitions naturally into a conversation. This is your chance to interject with a charming, "Oh, I'm [Your Name], by the way!" It's a smooth and friendly way to slide into an introduction without coming on too strong.


Join a Club He’s in

Join a Club He’s in If you know he's in your school's archery club or on a local baseball team, you should join. If you're a part of the same club or organization, you'll end up being forced to talk. Plus, the more he sees you, the more chances he'll have to fall for you.


Compliment Him

Compliment Him It might be a little strange to compliment him on his jeans. However, if he has the new phone that everyone has been talking about, you can compliment him on it and ask him if it's as good as everyone says. It's a casual way to start a conversation, so he won't be weirded out at all.


Just Walk up and Say Hello

Just Walk up and Say Hello Sometimes, the simplest answer is the right one. If you see someone cute, all you have to do is walk up to them and say hello. He won't think anything of it as long as you find a way to keep the conversation going.

If you introduce yourself to your crush, the worst thing he can do is look at you funny, so there's no reason to keep your distance. Your new best friend (or boyfriend) could be a conversation away. Are you able to walk up to a stranger and introduce yourself, or do you get nervous around new people?

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MissH18- Besides girls who approach a guy doesn't seem confident but it appears to be desperate instead.

Also it may sound kinda easy to say but to do not so easy cuz not a lot of guys may like you back or they are shy and not man enuff to do the initiative

Mel-some guys like a confident woman plus times have changed its more common for women to approach guys

Kris- Thank you! 😄

well, someone`s gotta make the first move, and it doesn`t always have to be the guy. he might be just as nervous as you, and will be relieved that you took that step. trust me, i had to do it this summer, and now we are great friends, but not in the boyfriend/girlfriend way;our parents say we are too young.

Yea you never know the guy might be just as nervous as you. Always go after what you want

Wait in til he asks you out

I agree with tinkerbellmoi. Society still generally expect the man to be the initiator in relationships.

MissH18- it is not confidence that I am talking about.. I am saying that men should be the one to do the initiative because it's the right way and it's an old fashioned way that is still held today.. It has nothing to do with a man or a woman being confident.. They may both be confident but a girl prefers for a guy to approach her and yet she is confident..

What the heck..... If you have to introduce tour self to him that obviously means he doesn't know you. That's nit his job to make sure YOU know him.

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