34 Love Quotes Every Girl Should Experience at Least Once in Her Life ...

By Jennifer

There are so many kinds of love (and lottle, see below), all of which a girl should experience at least once in her life. Here are some quotes to show you all those different kinds of love (and lottle!), and they're all so sweet!

Table of contents:

  1. let's start with loving ourselves!
  2. turn back time
  3. oh, ed...
  4. last love
  5. my everything
  6. follow your heart
  7. love with no regrets
  8. lucky girl
  9. always on my mind
  10. that voice, though!
  11. make them smile
  12. it doesn't have to be forever, either
  13. insomnia
  14. my butt
  15. nobody's perfect
  16. heart smile
  17. fake it til you make it?
  18. love of my life
  19. i miss you
  20. my new favorite day
  21. lottle
  22. more than you know
  23. my peace
  24. love at first sight
  25. like lightning
  26. the future
  27. perfect... for me
  28. better me
  29. you're not ordinary
  30. home
  31. everything
  32. how lucky i am
  33. good-lookin'
  34. through my eyes

1 Let's Start with Loving Ourselves!

2 Turn Back Time

Source: I wish I could turn

3 Oh, Ed...

Source: So honey nowTake me into

4 Last Love

Source: 25 love quotes

5 My Everything

Source: EE Cummings Quote Moon Sun

6 Follow Your Heart

Source: The 25 Most Romantic Love

7 Love with No Regrets

Source: 14 Most-Pinnable Love Quotes

8 Lucky Girl

Source: 100 Love Quotes For Him

9 Always on My Mind

10 That Voice, Though!

Source: 14 Beautifully Inspiring Love Quotes

11 Make Them Smile

Source: Motivational Quotes

12 It Doesn't Have to Be Forever, Either

Source: Quotes on falling in love

13 Insomnia

Source: 25 love quotes

14 My Butt

Source: Funny Love Quotes - Funny

15 Nobody's Perfect

Source: I am not the best

16 Heart Smile

Source: You make my heart smile

17 Fake It Til You Make It?

Source: 12 Best Love Quotes Of

18 Love of My Life

Source: You are forever and always

19 I Miss You

Source: The 25 Most Romantic Love

20 My New Favorite Day

Source: Love Quotables

21 Lottle

Source: 30+ Love Quotes for her

22 More than You Know

Source: 23 of Our All-Time Favorite

23 My Peace

Source: Vanishing Vanilla

24 Love at First Sight

Source: 38 Love Quotes for Your

25 Like Lightning

Source: The Greatest Relationships - I

26 The Future

Source: Free Chalkboard Love Quote Print

27 Perfect... for Me

Source: 100 Love Quotes For Him

28 Better Me

Source: "Because of you, I can

29 You're Not Ordinary

Source: 101 Amazing Love Quotes We’ll

30 Home

Source: 20 of the Best Disney

31 Everything

Source: 100 Love Quotes For Him

32 How Lucky I Am

Source: Unavailable Listing on Etsy

33 Good-Lookin'

Source: The Love Whisperer | Relatable

34 Through My Eyes

Source: 12 Stories That Prove It's

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