Essential Dating Experiences All Women Should Have ...

By Holly

Finding the man of your dreams isn’t the only experience worth having when it comes to love. Even though your end goal is probably to find your soulmate, there are a lot of fun pit stops you can take along the way. After all, the more you do in life, the more stories you'll have to tell. Here are a few dating experiences every woman should have, whether they're intentional or not:

Table of contents:

  1. dumping and getting dumped
  2. dating without intentions
  3. double dating
  4. scouting for boys
  5. asking a guy out
  6. cliché dates
  7. unique dates

1 Dumping and Getting Dumped

It's important to experience both sides of a breakup. When you get dumped, you learn how to deal with getting hurt by someone close to you. When you initiate a breakup, you learn how to (hopefully) handle a rough situation delicately. Even though it's never any fun to be heartbroken after getting dumped or to feel guilty after dumping someone else, the experiences will help you grow as a person.

2 Dating without Intentions

There's nothing wrong in having a summer fling. There's nothing wrong with meeting a hottie at a party and making out with him, either. Your dates don't always have to lead to relationships. Sometimes it's fun to just hang out and make out with guy without having any big expectations.

3 Double Dating

If you end up with a boyfriend at the same time that your best friend ends up with a boyfriend, you need to go on a double date. It's an entirely different experience than going on a one-on-one date or hanging out with a large group. The topics you talk about will be different, the mood will be different, and even the activities you choose to go out to do can be different.

4 Scouting for Boys

It's fun to be in a relationship at the same time that your friend is in a relationship, but it's also fun to be single at the same time that your friends are single. That way, you can head to the mall or the beach or the bar with the sole purpose of chatting with boys. It's the best way to bond with your buddies.

5 Asking a Guy out

Men aren't the only ones allowed to take the lead. You should be brave and initiate a conversation, a date, or a kiss with a dude you find attractive. Even if he rejects you, you'll feel proud of yourself for doing something so daring.

6 Cliché Dates

Every woman deserves to go on a few cliche dates. You should sit down at a 5-star restaurant at some point and sit down on a ferris wheel at another point. Do the things you've dreamt about doing since you were a kid watching Disney movies.

7 Unique Dates

Whenever you have a cliche date, you should follow it up with an adventurous, unique date. Go skydiving, white water rafting, or bungee jumping. If you're not an adrenaline junkie, then you can try going on a safari, climbing a rock wall, or seeing the taping of a TV show.

If you've already found the love of your life, then there's nothing wrong with skipping these experiences. But if you're still searching for Mr. Right, you shouldn't be afraid to do any of the things on this list in the meantime. How many of these dating experiences have you had?

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