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Nice Things Men do That We Actually Hate ...

By Holly

Nice guys don't actually finish last. Of course, there are some "nice" behaviors we'd prefer for our boyfriends to drop. According to Men's Health, we hate when men do the following things:

1 Buying You Jewelry

Buying You Jewelry Some men think that any jewelry will do. Of course, that's far from the truth. Unless he buys you something in a color you like, or something that's personalized, receiving jewelry isn't all that thoughtful. We want our men to give us gifts that come from the heart.

2 Trying to Fix Your Problems

Trying to Fix Your Problems When you complain to your man about your friends, you just want him to listen. You don't actually want him to sit down with your friends and put them in their place. He can't fix everything.

3 Lavishing You with Gifts

Lavishing You with Gifts It's sweet when he surprises you with your favorite candy bar. However, it's a little off-putting when he buys you a fancy gift every weekend. You don't want him to buy your love. You want him to earn it.

4 Jumping in the Shower without an Invitation

Jumping in the Shower without an Invitation It's sexy to shower together. Of course, you won't always be in the mood for it. That's why you won't be happy if your man jumps into the shower with you without your permission.

5 Checking in on You

Checking in on You It's nice to get a phone call and realize that he's thinking about you. It's not as nice to get ten calls in ten minutes, because he's worried that you're cheating on him.

Do you hate when men do this, or do you actually enjoy it?

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