Smart πŸ€“ Reasons to Withhold πŸ– Sex from Your Man πŸ’‘ Once in Awhile πŸ“† ...

Are there reasons to withhold sex? It’s obvious you are in this for all the wrong reasons if all you think about is the sex. Attention, cuddling, kisses on the forehead… and intimacy. This is not wrong at all especially when there is so much physical attraction. The attraction can make you go numb and fall for his seduction but these reasons to withhold sex should keep you holding off a little longer. Practice starving him for some time and see how your relationship goes from sour to sweet.

1. You Are Needed More

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Your man will constantly want you more when you withhold sex from him once a while. He begins to think of how to get you to be his forever. You will also leave him wondering how to please you in order to keep you. That's one of the best reasons to withhold sex.

2. Highly Craves Your Company

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You become his number one go-to. Men can’t stand being rejected especially with regards to sex. Withdrawing can be a form of teasing him to get his attention more.

3. Ask Anything and You’ll Have It

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You’re treated as a queen. Guys like a woman who preserves her body for the right time. If you’re throwing the cookie up in his face all the time, he doesn’t get to feel the essence of working for it. Let him keep impressing you with gifts while you enjoy the fun.

4. Spends More Time Thinking about You

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In his spare time, you are all he wants to think about. Men fall in love more when they cannot get their head around the woman they are dealing with.

5. Enjoys Sex Better

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Men tend to enjoy sex more when they do not get it as often as they want to. Make sure it's worth the wait by taking him on a journey he can never forget.

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