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We all want our love life to be long lasting and satisfying so we can all make use of knowing some secrets for a happy relationship. It’s easy to be happy at first, the glow of early love carries us along without effort. But eventually it fades and we still have to get along. There are some practical ways to grease the gears and keep the machinery of love humming along smoothly. Read on to learn some secrets for a happy relationship.

1. Would I Rather Be Right, or Would I Rather Be Happy?

Arguments happen in any relationship, and it’s no fun when things come between us and our main squeeze – We want to squeeze them, after all! But you can get back to cozy cuddles faster if you ask yourself this simple question. It’s easy to get caught up in proving your point and forget how hurtful words can be. We’ve all done it. Practice being willing to let go of being right. What does it get you, anyway? Life doesn’t give out trophies to the biggest jerk. Which is what we turn into if we can’t let little things go. And most of it is little things. Accepting this is one of the key secrets of a happy relationship.

Check Yourself before You Wreck Yourself!


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