17 Sexy Things You Can Give Him for Christmas ...

By Holly

17 Sexy Things You Can Give Him for Christmas ...

Your man deserves something sexy for Christmas, don't you think? Instead of buying him something expensive, like a new watch or car, you can just give him the gift of yourself. If that sounds like a great idea, here are a few sexy things you can give your man for the holidays:

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Lingerie You don't actually have to buy him a gift. If you buy yourself some new lingerie, you can consider it a gift for him, because he's going to be the one enjoying it.


Bedroom Toys

Bedroom Toys Toys aren't just for children. There are plenty of bedroom toys you can buy your man. You just won't find them in Toys R Us.



Cologne If you can find a sensual cologne, make sure you get it for him. When he smells sexy, he'll feel sexy.


A Sexy Board Game

A Sexy Board Game This will come in handy if you two need something to do on a rainy day. Instead of playing traditional Monopoly, you can buy the naughty version of Monopoly (yes, that exists!)


A Sexual Book

A Sexual Book You can buy him an instructional book that has new sex positions inside of it, or an erotic novel that you know will turn him on. Either way, it'll get him in the mood.

Famous Quotes

If you have a harem of 40 women, you never get to know any of them very well.

Warren Buffett


Candles Men will never ask you for candles, but they'll enjoy the gift. Just make sure you get them in a delicious scent.


Rose Petals

Rose Petals There's nothing more romantic than a bed filled with rose petals. If you want to get him in the mood, then set up your room in a sexy way.


A Spa Appointment

A Spa Appointment If he needs a day to relax, make him an appointment at a massage parlor. By the time he's finished, he'll be eager to thank you.


Massage Oil

Massage Oil If you don't want someone else touching your man, you can buy oil and massage him yourself.


A Blindfold

A Blindfold Every touch will feel more intense if you put a blindfold on. Why? When your sight is cut off, your other senses will improve.


New Sheets

white, black, photograph, black and white, monochrome photography, How does his bed feel? If it's not as comfortable as you'd like, buy him some new, silky sheets.



Boxers If you hate the cartoony boxers he always wears, buy him some new underwear.


Romantic Music

Romantic Music Not many people actually own CDs anymore, but you can still buy them. Get him an album with romantic songs on it, so you can listen to it on while you make out.



Alcohol If you're both legally allowed to drink alcohol, you can buy him a bottle of his favorite liquor. Even better, you can buy some wine. It's more romantic that way.


Pictures of You

Pictures of You If you trust your man, you can give him some sexy pictures of yourself. You can either print them out or send them right over to him by using your phone.


A Romantic Meal

cartoon, red, mammal, vertebrate, fictional character, If you want to make him drool, make him a meal. Make sure to set the table with candles and flowers, though.


Sexy Coupons

Sexy Coupons You can create your own coupon book for him. Write out coupons like, "one free massage" and "one striptease." Of course, you should only do what you feel comfortable with.

Your man deserves a sexy little treat from you this Christmas. What are you planning on buying your man for the holidays?

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Too many articles about him this and him that ! No disrespect but females lives is not all about the man !!

of course a woman's life is not all about the man but for those times when you want to do something for the person you are in a relationship (like you should do in a relationship), these articles are here. although, I wish they were more targeted towards lesbian couples because not every woman is straight haha

@sellidionne. I agree. Write about it. You can write an article too in fact any body can. It's great to put your thoughts out there

Hmm a nice cosy hug should do heheheh

For him a nice pair of boxers and cologne. For me the sexiest little lingerie I can get my hands on and perfume. Some chocolates, oils, rose pedals and nice sexyy smooth music... oh dear, did I forget something...