7 Signs He Likes You for More than Your Body ...


If you're worried that your crush or boyfriend is only interested in scoring, there are signs he likes you for more than your body that you should look out for. You don't want to be with someone who only likes you for your looks. As gorgeous as you are, you have a heart and mind that are just as beautiful. Here are some of the biggest signs he likes you for more than your body:

1. Likes You Bundled up

Does he pay less attention to you when you're bundled up than when you're showing a bit of cleavage? If he only wants to talk to you when you're half naked, then he's probably only interested in your looks. One of the biggest signs he likes you for more than your body is that he'll pay just as much attention to you when you're messy as he does when you're looking like a beauty queen.

Doesn't Pressure You


I think I had a guy recently only like me for my body & this would have helped earlier.😕
I had a guy hit on me for my body and as soon as I called him out on it he just stop talking to me completely!
Yeah ! Most of this happened to me recently.....until I said no to sex he left me like cold turkey 💔
Isabella Coles
I've pushed guys away for some of these reasons - some of them don't like it when i'm honest but it's just tough luck for them
Yes..nd later in a relationship he raped a girl and nowadays spending his fuckn life in jail!!
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