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9 Signs Your Long Distance Relationship is Ending Part 2 ...

By Kelly

While long distance relationships are by no means easy, it is still important to look out for the signs your long distance relationship is ending. In retrospect, the signs your long distance relationship is ending seem so clear. As much as we hate to face it, a good portion of long distance relationships don’t make it through. Here are some of the warning signs that yours might be among them.

1 You No Longer Feel the Need to Talk

Of all of the red flags, a lack of communications is one of the biggest signs your long distance relationship is ending. Communication is key to any long distance relationship, and when you no longer feel the need to talk, it means you no longer feel the need to keep your relationship strong. You need to make communication a priority in your long distance relationship. If not, it is almost guaranteed that your relationship will not succeed.

2 You Catch Your Eye Wandering

When you are in a long distance relationship, it is always okay to look but not touch. But if you are taking it too far and longing to be with other partners, you may need to reevaluate your relationship's status. While us women have our needs, it is important to remember that we are committed to our partner. If you think you are spending too much time wondering what it would be like to be with another man, it might be one of the warning signs your long distance relationship is ending.

3 There is an Always Excuse

Like I said earlier, communication is key to a long distance relationship. If either of you are constantly making up an excuse to why you cannot talk, it might be a red flag. You can always carve out a little bit of your day to Skype or call your partner. Make sure you are not exaggerating how busy you are to get out of communicating.

4 You Are Focusing on the Negatives

There must be some reason you are in a long distance relationship. Some positives of your partner that you love so much you are willing to risk all of the negatives for them. If you find yourself focusing so much on all the negatives of either your partner or the long distance relationship, then maybe you are not willing to risk it anymore. Long distance relationships are incredibly hard, and it is not uncommon to notice the negatives. But if it is all you can think about for more than a month, that is one of the big signs your long distance relationship ending.

5 You Avoid Problems

Because you get to choose when to talk to your partner, it is easy to avoid talking to them. You may avoid talking about your problems or communicating at all. Both are warning signs. A key part of maintaining any relationship is working through your problems. It is important to make sure that you don’t use long distance as an excuse to avoid your problems because it is so easy to stop any communication.

6 There is No Talk of a Future

If you are in a long distance relationship, you must be dedicated towards a future, or else you wouldn’t put yourself through the tough times that come along with it. If you and your partner stop talking about what the future brings, how can you ever expect your long distance relationship to turn into a close relationship? You should not feel that your relationship has reached its peak when you two are apart.

7 You Are Always Frustrated

Trust me, I get how frustrating long distance relationships can be. But, if you find yourself constantly annoyed at your partner, frustrated at your relationship, or even frustrated at yourself, it may be one of the signs that your long distance relationship is ending. The whole point of a relationship is to make you happy. If your long distance relationship makes you constantly angry, why remain in it?

8 No Emotion behind It

Emotion is something that we all feel, but if you aren't experiencing it in your current relationship (besides the frustration of course!) why continue to keep it up? Emotions and love are what a relationship should be all about.

9 Too Much Effort to Make an Effort

When making a phone call, connecting on the internet or even just trying to pry open your partner's emotions is too much effort on your part, it's really time for you to end the relationship.

Long distance relationships are not easy. They require time, dedication, and love. But if you can make it through it for the person you love, they are worth it. Not all long distance relationships make it, though. And these warning signs that your long distance relationship is ending are important to watch out for. What are some other warning signs? What are some keys to maintaining a long distance relationship?

This article was written in collaboration with editor Heather Jensen.

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