9 Signs 🚦 You Are Too πŸ’― Controlling 😬 in Your Relationship πŸ’‘ ...


Being in a relationship is all about care and compromise, having an equal respect for your partner and making sure that they feel loved and included in all of the decisions that are made with regards to you two as a couple. Here’s the thing though, even though you have committed to being together and go from an β€˜I’ to an β€˜us’, it doesn’t mean that you need to become one person with only one voice, your voice. Here are nine classic signs you too controlling in your relationship,

1. Quick to Criticize

You are always really quick to criticize your partner when they do something that isn’t to your liking. It doesn’t even matter if the thing in question didn’t have anything to do with you, if you don’t like the sound of it, you fly off the handle and things get personal faster than normal.



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