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Of course you want to know how to win a fight with your boyfriend if one occurs; we all do. None of us like to fight but if there is going to be one, then we certainly want to win. Sometimes we can feel overwhelmed in the heat of an argument and become unable to think of the best way to approach the situation. Learning these little tips can go a long way to helping you know how to win a fight with your boyfriend the next time one occurs.

1. Apologize when You Are Wrong

If you want to know how to win a fight with your boyfriend, one of the best tips is to not let it get to that point. If you know you are in the wrong, nip it in the bud by apologizing. If you are thinking that sounds counter-productive, it’s not at all. Everybody wins when there is no fight! One thing I can say about my relationship is that we are both quick to apologize and quick to forgive. If I see I have done something hurtful then I want to let him know how sorry I truly am.

Let Him Stew


Emma Zeni
Just start playing with your boobs! Lol It's amazing how quickly the argument will end!
Crying always works! Guys automatically feel bad lol
Sapna Pathak
Crying I liked it
Patricia Marie Gloria
It's kind of hypocritical to say to stay calm but cry a little...
@Brittanie Rasmussen I agree especially for those who haven't been in long term relationships.. However there are times when my BF and I (together 8 years in December) argue just to argue... We know t...
Brittanie Rasmussen
You should never want to "win" an argument with your significant other. Everything should be equal. I understand your intentions were good with this article, but it's not sending the right message.
None of that works for me!!
@Soliyana what's wrong?
Wild Boar
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