7 Things No One 🚫 Tells You πŸ™Š about Your First ☝️ Breakup πŸ’” ...


People always talk about how amazing and life-changing a first love is, but there is hardly any talk of the inevitable first breakup! Unless you are super lucky and find your soul mate the first time around, you are going to have to go through the heartbreak of a first breakup, and that can feel just as low and the romance felt high! There’s so much advice online about how to enter in to and handle a first love, but hardly anything that takes you through the other side of the honeymoon period. Here are seven things that no one tells you about your first break up!

1. You Might Still Care

Just because you have recognised that it is time to move on, it doesn’t mean that the caring tap is going to be switched straight off. There will be a period of time when you still care very deeply about your ex, but you need to be mature about the situation and see that that care doesn’t outweigh the negatives that hounded the end of the relationship.

You Might Still Be Close
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