Things You Miss about Your Relationship after You Break up besides Him ...


A relationship brings a lot of things to your life other than a partner / lover / companion. It is more than just the physical presence that makes a relationship which means that when one ends, there could be all sorts of holes left and made. Whether it was a good breakup or a bad breakup, there are things you miss besides the person.

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Saying ‘We’

Although the actual reality of the ‘we’ that was you and him ran its course in a natural way, it is still going to take you a little while to get used to saying ‘I’ again. You spent so long talking about everything as a couple that it now feels weird to just be giving an individual opinion or telling an individual story.



It’s not really something that people think about too much, but the simple act of cuddling can be one of the best physical connections in a relationship. Now that he is not around to snuggle with, you realize how much you like to do it and how much you miss that kind of intimacy.


A Regular Sex Life

You might not miss the actual person once he’s gone, but something you do miss is the regular, dependable sex life that you had! Although you may have taken it for granted at the time, the thought of an impending dry spell is not making you feel great about the breakup!


All Day Texting

The two of you used to be in constant contact throughout the day, but now that you don’t speak to each other anymore, you have remembered just how long the working day can be without the distraction of a text message every two minutes!


Bitching Companion

After a hard day at work all you want to do is get home, put your feet up and have a good old complain about everybody who gets on your last nerve. The thing is, he used to be that person you complained to, so now you don’t have an immediate bitching companion.

Famous Quotes

One who gains strength by overcoming obstacles possesses the only strength which can overcome adversity.

Albert Schweitzer

A plus One

The spark between you may have well truly died, but something that you are still going to miss is the convenience of having a plus one at family and work events. Having him by your side at weddings made things a lot easier. Now you’re going to have to fend off all those annoying love life questions once again.


Your Mother’s Approval

And talking of annoying love life questions … Ever since you turned 21 all your mother has wanted is for you to find a nice man and settle down. The approval that you felt from her while you were in this relationship was really nice, but now that you’re single again it’s back to square one with the annoying blind date suggestions and talk of ticking clocks!


Convenient Excuse

Your boyfriend used to be the number excuse you used to be able to get out of unwanted plans. “Oh, sorry, I can’t, that’s our date night.” Well, now that you are single again, that excuse has gone right out of the window!


Surprise Gifts

Even if it didn’t happen that often, you miss that kind of spontaneous fun that came through a surprise gift every now and then. Now you are the only person who can treat you, and that has no element of surprise at all!


His Netflix!

Let’s be real, what kind of a guy breaks up with you when you are in the middle of the latest season of House Of Cards? You better pray he doesn’t change his password when he remembers, or you’ll be in real trouble!

What have you missed most when relationships end other than the obvious?

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The Netflix part is hilarious 😂

This is such a depressing list. Why would you make such a list?

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