7 Ways He Shows You He Loves You without Saying It ...


Some girls are always moaning that they don't hear those three little words often enough, but girls, there are plenty of ways he shows he loves you - haven't you heard the saying 'actions speak louder than words'? If you're guilty of thinking your man doesn't love you, read on to see the 7 ways he shows he loves you....without ever uttering the words 'I love you.'

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He Buys You Little Gifts

If your man constantly brings you little tokens of affection when he sees you, it shows you're on his mind - whether it's your favourite chocolate bar, a book he thought you'd like or just groceries he thought you might need. This is one of the sweetest ways he shows he loves you, so don't take it for granted!


He Lets You Choose

You might think he's showing he doesn't care when he says you can choose the film or which restaurant you eat at for dinner, but actually, he's showing his love for you. By letting you make decisions, he's focused on your happiness - he wants to do what YOU want to do!


He Lets You Win a Game

So, you're gaming together on his PS4 (or yours) and you're really losing badly. Suddenly, everything turns around and you're making him look like a total loser! When he lets you win deliberately so you won't feel bad, he's putting his pride (and gaming skills) to one side so that you'll be happy. Of course, if you're that good a gamer you might be the one who needs to let him win - another sure sign of love!


He Calls Last Thing at Night

If your guy calls or texts last thing at night and first thing in the morning, you can bet you're on his mind. This is really sweet and shows he's thinking about you and that he loves you. Think about it; you don't text just anyone when you wake up - those first few moments of sleepiness are reserved for the people closest to you!


He Takes an Interest in Your Hobbies

If he comes to the theatre with you even though he hates it, sits through a photography convention or even wanders around the shops when you're hunting for a new outfit, it's love! The chances are, he's hating every second of it, but he's still having a good time as he's with you. These little sacrifices go both ways though, girls, so next time he asks you to sit through his favourite fight on BoxNation or go to the game with him, reciprocate!


He Plants Little Kisses on You

Not all kissing has to be sloppy and romantic, sometimes it's the littlest kisses that mean the most! Even if your man isn't known for his displays of affection, if he plants the odd kiss on your forehead or lips now and again, it's super-sweet and shows he loves you. Make sure you return the favour and he will feel loved too!


He Worries about You

If you're having a bad day, he comes to cheer you up, or at least calls to see if there's anything he can do. If you're struggling with money, he tries to help you out, and if you need some company because you're feeling down, he's there. If your man is always there for you when you need him, this is him showing his love!

Men aren't always as vocal as women - when have you ever known a man to jump at the chance to sit down and discuss your relationship?! But this doesn't mean they don't care, just that they don't always verbalise their feelings. Quite often, your boyfriend's little gestures are the ones he uses to express how he feels about you, so be aware of them! Does your guy have any little ways that he shows you he loves you?

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He shows all this but I have second thoughts ! #heeeelp !!!

@Sandra G, he doesnt hate u infact its u who couldn't establish her worth for him

My husband only does #7 so I guess he f ing hates me. N


He offer to hold my handbag while we're in the mall. Most men don't want to be caught dead holding a woman's handbag.

@Lina, just try give him confidence so that he can react in time in front of u... i think ur behavior is not encouraging for him and he is feeling a lil insecure of speaking in front of u... simply he's afraid of u

I feel terribly lucky after reading this. My man does all this and more

None. Lol

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