7 Tips for First Date Success ...


7 Tips for First Date Success  ...
7 Tips for First Date Success  ...

If you're still on the market, having some tips for first date success is really important. Until you find the Mr. Right and decide to settle down, you're going to go on your fair share of dates, many of which are going to be first dates. The first time out with a new guy can make you nervous, but using these tips for first date success can help you get that second date every single time.

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Don’t Forget Their Name

We have all been there, right? I mean how many times has someone given you his name and you forgot within in a matter of seconds. This is one minor mistake you should always avoid on a first date. The main reason is, “it’s just rude.” One of the best tips for first date success is to remember his name.


Always Make Eye Contact

This one is important also, due to the fact that people love paying attention to even the most minor details. We all want to feel like the person we are on a date with is interested in what we are talking about. This should be natural instead of weird. It’s always good to let a person know that you are actually listening and paying attention by maintaining eye contact.


Avoid Looking at Your Phone or Watch

This is just plain rude and inconsiderate. You just got a message on Facebook and BOOM, you’ve completely lost any concentration on what your date was talking about. In many cases, when going on a date, sometimes it’s best to just ignore your device. You can always thank me later.


Be Cautious when Flirting

Even though they may seem like they like you, they may not. It’s best to avoid getting your feelings hurt, or even being embarrassed by not getting too flirtatious. For instance, you go on a date with the handsome man. He looks like Prince Charming and is very polite. At the end of the dinner you say, “I would love to see how you are in bed.” Hold up, what are you doing? If your you want to get a guy's attention, please let him follow through first. Getting turned down is the worst kind of embarrassment.


Avoid Personal Questions

Oops, it’s just the first date. You don’t want to be considered nosey or disrespectful by asking all the wrong questions. You don’t want to scare him away or insult him. Keep things easy and light. You'll have time to get to know each other on future dates.


Be Sociable

Nobody enjoys awkward silent moments. Find a topic to discuss as soon as there are a few seconds of silence. You may have to be the life of the date, especially if he seems nervous or shy. Share some humor or crack some jokes to loosen him up a bit.


Avoid Alcohol and Drug Use

If you must drink, please drink responsibly. In many cases, not watching your intake could make you regret it in the morning. Date rape does exist so be careful. Keep it to one or two drinks and the date should go just the way you want it to.

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