Girls Guide on Dealing with Your Guys Love of Sports ...

By Georgia

Wondering how to deal with your guy's love of sports? Personally, I am a HUGE sports fan. I love watching and playing sports and have since I was a child. Destiny blessed me with two sons who love sports as well. I never pushed one sport over another on them, but I did make sure the first sports toy they got to check out was a suitably sized inflatable baseball bat accompanied by a small Nerf baseball. Yes, T-Ball started in my family room and then quickly moved to the Little League field when they were old enough. I still say when people ask me what my best memories of my children are, it is was watching them on the baseball field and watching Cub’s games together, whether on TV or at iconic Wrigley Field.

See, typical moms, whether they love the sport their boys play or not, will happily act like they do and never once complain about freezing during the game that wasn’t called due to rain, but probably should have been. That is why I believe men possibly tend to be drawn to women who appreciate sports or at least the sport they like so much, since that is what they grew up getting most often from their moms.

So, if you love sports like me, spending the day with your guy watching his sport is easy, but if you really hate sports or happen to hate the one your guy just absolutely loves and won’t miss, here's how to deal with your guy's love of sports so it's more fun and so that you can build a bond and not feel irritated doing it.

Table of contents:

  1. food and drinks
  2. learn the basics
  3. listen to music
  4. light chit chat

1 Food and Drinks

Yes, it may sound funny, but as humans, eating our favorite snacks while sipping on our favorite beverages (whether alcoholic or not) just makes us happier and more awake. We feel more like engaged and we are always happy to have an excuse to have a glass of wine or a beer with our beloved. Make it “food fun” on football Sundays if that is your guy's favorite sport by maybe making a late breakfast in bed accompanied by some fruity mimosas to start Sunday Funday. Adding food and drinks to the big game is a great answer for how to deal with your guy's love of sports.

2 Learn the Basics

So, you really hate football, but that’s the sport he wants to watch. It seems so complicated with all the positions, routes, penalties, starts and stops, etc. What is going on? Don’t ask your guy during the game! Google it and find out the basics of the game before it starts. I repeat, don’t ask your guy during the game, because that will annoy him. He wants to watch the game and not give you a lesson.

3 Listen to Music

When you go to most sports bars, unless some major game is being aired, the bar plays music in the background. Establishments play music because music makes people comfortable and it's welcoming. So, play music you enjoy in the background, if it doesn’t bother your guy. But if he is one of those guys who totally wants to intensely listen to the game and you have really tried to get into it and you just can’t, then put on headphones, put your feet up, and relax while you listen to your favorite tunes, but still watch with him.

4 Light Chit Chat

No matter what, always be in the moment and try to do anything to enjoy it. You can do this with light chit chat, but be careful never irritate him during a live game by bringing up issues that can wait, especially about your relationship. Unless there is something extremely urgent going on that he needs to know during the live game, all heavy topics should be shelved until the buzzer sounds and the game is over.

I hope this helps put some spice into your sports lives ladies, and of course most importantly and above anything else, GO CUBS 2017! Let's Play#Two!!

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