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Foolproof Ways to Know He's the One Part 1 ...

By Mesha

Are you looking for ways to know he's the one? Alright ladies, it’s 2017. The dating game has evolved into something our grandparents wouldn't even recognize! We have situations, cuddle buddies, friends with benefits, arrangements, marriages based on finances, and relationships with a higher turnover rate than fast food restaurants. Some of us have given up and given in to the new order. And who could blame you? If you can’t beat em’, join em’! This guide is for us others. For the ladies, that grew up watching Disney movies and just can’t seem to shake the idea of true love, happily ever after, and a fabulous wedding!

Here are 5 ways to know he's the one.

1 He Reaches for You, More than You Reach for Him

This may sound a little old school, but it is 100% accurate. If you are doing more texting, calling, date planning, and physically displaying affection than he is, run! His lack of interest couldn’t be a worse sign! If he's into you, you'll know it and will have found one of the ways to know he's the one.

More than likely he’s just not that into you, and will soon be giving you the cold shoulder.

If he sticks around for awhile, it still won’t be forever. There will eventually be a woman whom he feels is worth the chase.

Even if he never leaves, you don’t want a man that settled for you or is nonchalant in his love for you. That’s a recipe for multiple affairs!

2 He Sees YOUR Potential

We women are notorious for seeing potential in our potential mates. And there is absolutely nothing wrong with that! But when was the last time, a man saw something in you beyond your well known talents and abilities?

A man who can see more in you than you see in yourself, has already ascribed a high value to you. That’s super important in establishing if he’s The One!

If he cares about your capabilities, he has already strongly considered a future with you. That’s why what you are now doesn’t matter as much as what you will be 10 years from now.

He has foresight! Everyone has hindsight. Anyone can say “wow, I always knew she would do great things,” after you have achieved success. But a man who knows ahead of time is worth his weight in gold.


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3 You Two Have Tons in Common

Again, old school! How can two walk together unless they agree? If you are interested in healthy living, he should be too. If you want to travel, he can’t be afraid of planes or barred from leaving the country. If you want to achieve financial freedom, he can’t be small minded and content with living from paycheck to paycheck.

You CANNOT change him. You may or may not influence certain areas of his life, but he cannot be The One if you two don’t want the same things. It’s impossible!

If he doesn't change, you will begin to change yourself in order to be with him. This will mean letting go of quintessential elements of your personality and many dreams that you have for yourself.

Why sign up for frustration? Why enter a relationship with someone whom you know doesn’t want the same things out of life as you? He can’t be The One if you two aren’t in ONE accord.

4 You Compliment Each Other

You must be able to fill in one another’s gaps. If you suck at math, The One has to be at least mediocre. How can he complete you, if together you guys can’t manage a checkbook? You should have different strengths, continuously becoming more powerful together than you ever could have been apart, or with anyone else.

You cannot raise a family with deficiencies in the same areas. The kids will run right over you. Someone’s got to be the bad cop.

You cannot start or grow a business, as partners, with the same weaknesses. Think of every business collaboration known to man. Someone has to be Jay Z, someone has to be Beyonce.

You can’t even build a decent social circle or network if you two are just replicas of one another. How boring! Who would be able to stand your company?

5 He Leads You, and You Want HIm to

You can be a strong, beautiful, bold, and brilliant woman and still have a soul mate who counsels and advises you. What type of mate would he be if he didn’t? He should be able to see things you cannot, in you, and the world around you (as you also should for him). You’re the queen honey, but he’s the king.

Let’s be honest, ladies. As capable as we are, it’s nice to have someone else take the lead sometimes, solve a few problems, and take the brunt of the attacks life throws your way.

A man that doesn’t lead is nothing more than a pal. Period.

A man with the confidence and competency to lead will make you comfortable with following.

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