7 Ways to Ask for a Guy's Number ...


There are tons of different ways to ask for a guy's number, but it's still hard and can be super scary if you let it! Guys can be really hard to read and can also send a lot of mixed signals (just like us!) but, with the right ways to ask for a guy's number, you'll be able to get your crush's number in no time at all! So, you ready to see exactly the right ways to ask for a guy's number so that you'll get his digits the first time?

1. Make a Joke about It

You're funny and witty and have a natural sense of humor, right? Show it by 'jokingly' asking for his number! You could say something like 'well, if I had your number, it'd be easier to share my constant wittiness' and then laugh and smile. It's one of the surefire ways to ask for a guy's number without appearing like you are asking at all!

Ask a Friend


@Marina Lestraude I totally agree- just ask- don't manipulate. And if he says no, well you know where you stand.
Heather Jensen
Great idea!! :)
Summer Szeman
I put my number Into a guys phone after taking pictures on his phone (:
Heather Jensen
Ha! Awesome! :)
Heather Jensen
Yes! That is so, so true!
I used the facebook one:)
Heather Jensen
Very true!
its important to make sure he knows you have a phone. if you just text someone when hes looking, it puts the thought in his head ;)
Marina Lestraude
._. Call me weird but I just ask for his number, then offer mine. It's not attractive to be passive aggressive, unless he's a complete idiot.
Kristina Manu
There's also the addition to "do you have a phone" is just asking for it and input your info...
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