7 Ways to Ask Him out 😘 if You're Bold Enough πŸ’₯ to Make the First ☝🏼 Move ...


You don't have to wait for a man to ask you out if you're dying to go on a date with him. It's the 21st Century. Women can do the dirty work. If you're willing to make the first move, here are a few different ways to ask out your crush:

1. Casually Mention It in Conversation

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If you've been dying to see a certain movie, casually mention it in conversation. If he says that he'd like to see the movie too, then ask him if he'd like to go with you. That way, it won't seem like you were planning on asking him out. It'll feel like it just occurred naturally.

Snapchat Him


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Go for it if you want to but my thing is if a guy likes you he should just get on with it and ask you out! Nothing wrong if he is just a crush...
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