How to Date Casually without Being Considered a Creep ...


What is it with today's sometimes prudish opinions about dating? I'm talking specifically about casual dating – which, by the way, is just fine. Men, women, and non-binary people alike can and do enjoy casual dating, despite the fact that they're labeled with unsavory terms and called unnecessary names. Here's the thing: just because you date casually, it doesn't make you a creep, a tease, a slut, or a whore. Anybody who says otherwise is wrong and is likely dealing with some deeper issues. That being said, however, certain behaviors can come across as creepy, I get that. So how do you date casually without being considered a creep? Follow me …

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Wait a Minute before Getting down to Sexy Times

black, person, black and white, human action, film noir, I'm absolutely not saying you shouldn't have sex, nor am I saying that you have to wait forever, especially if you're casually dating, but you should take a minute and think about what you want, what you're looking for, and what you expect in return.


… Especially with Multiple People

black, white, person, black and white, art, Nothing wrong with having multiple partners if that's your thing – just be safe and perhaps tell the people you're dating that you're seeing other people, so they can stay safe, too.


Be Clear about Your Intentions

black, white, person, musician, guitar, This is so important, always, in just about every relationship – let the other person know what you want and, again, what you expect.


Meet People from the Right Platforms

person, profession, film noir, Because, frankly, some dating apps and online dating platforms are garbage and you should just avoid them forever.


If S/he is Hooking up with Multiple People …

black, white, person, black and white, photography, And this might be the case because, well, why not?


… Figure out How You Feel about That and Act Appropriately

… Figure out How You Feel about That and Act Appropriately Don't be a hypocrite about it, though – if you're seeing, dating, or hooking up with more than one partner, too, you can't fault someone else for doing it.


Don't Stack Dates on the Same Night

person, black and white, photo shoot, album cover, Make a brunch date, a lunch date, and a dinner date, but try to avoid double-booking or making two dates too close together – there's so much potential for mishaps!


Don't Accept Every Single Date – Remember, You Have Standards

Even if you're dating casually in the hopes of meeting someone special, don't feel like you have to say yes to people who really don't do it for you.


Schedule One Free Day a Week without Any Dating

clothing, woman, bridesmaid, costume, Think about making it a girls' day, but at the very least, take some time out for yourself to rest, relax, and refresh.


Don't Date Someone for Months without Some Type of Commitment

white, person, black and white, film noir, lady, That's reasonable – there comes a time when you have to poo or get off the pot, after all.


… Seriously, Don't do It

… Seriously, Don't do It But for real, don't waste your time or anyone else's if it's not going anywhere after a few months.


Pet Names Early on Are Creepy

major appliance, Let's be honest, they really are a little creepy when you bust them out too early.


Use Your Best Judgment regarding PDA on the First Date

black, white, black and white, jewellery, Feel the vibe, test the chemistry, and go from there.


Ditch Your FWB if You're Dating

person, cello, Okay, don't ditch your FWB, but maybe let her/him know that the benefits are on the back burner for the moment.


… It Only Gets Messy

person, photograph, black and white, facial expression, painting, Not only that, but you greatly increase your chances of double-booking or awkward situations.


Don't Drop the Girlfriend/boyfriend Label Too Quickly or Easily

hair, facial expression, hairstyle, emotion, You want to make sure that you really feel that way first – and you need to know how the other person feels, too.


Keep Things Casual and Don't Get Too Emotionally Involved … Unless You Want to

footwear, love, Because that's what it all comes down to – doing what you want to do.

Casually dating several people does not make you a creep or a slut, no matter what other people say. Basically, as long as you're honest with the other people and don't stop dropping labels too quickly, you're golden.

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