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17 Small Things That Will Drive Your Boyfriend Absolutely Bonkers ...

By Holly

No matter how good of a girlfriend you are, there are always going to be things you do that drive your man crazy. It's unavoidable. Just so you're aware, here are a few small things that'll drive your serious boyfriend nuts:

1 Leaving Hair in the Drain

Leaving Hair in the Drain When men find hair in the sink or in the bathtub, they get grossed out. For some reason, they think our leg hair isn't as clean as their beard hair.

2 Not Listening to Him

hair, person, facial hair, beard, singer, Men want to be heard. If he has a story to tell, then he'll appreciate it if you stare at him instead of at your phone.

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3 Talking over His Show

Talking over His Show If he's watching a baseball game or his favorite television show, then he won't want you to talk over it. At least ask him to pause it before you tell him about your day.

4 Inviting Friends over without Asking Him First

person, speech, If you two live together, he won't want unexpected company. You wouldn't want his friends to barge in either, would you?

5 Leaving Your Makeup All over the Counters

Leaving Your Makeup All over the Counters Men can be messy, but they don't seem to understand why we need as many makeup products as we do. That's why he won't be all that happy if you litter his counters with mascaras and lipsticks.

6 Calling Yourself Ugly

Calling Yourself Ugly Your boyfriend thinks you're the most beautiful woman in the world. He doesn't want you to think otherwise.

7 Eating without Him

Eating without Him He wants to eat dinner with you, so that you have the opportunity to talk about your day. He loves little moments like that as much as you do.

8 Smoking

Smoking No one finds smoking attractive. Thinking it's cool is so last century.

9 Wearing Too Much Perfume

Wearing Too Much Perfume Men love certain scents, like vanilla and lavender. Of course, too much of anything is a bad thing. You don't want to overdo it on the perfume.

10 Calling Other Men Hot

Calling Other Men Hot He might act like he doesn't care when you talk about how sexy Chris Pratt is, but he's definitely jealous. He wishes he was the only man you wanted to sleep with.

11 Constantly Texting Him

Constantly Texting Him He wants to hear from you, but he doesn't want to hear from you every five seconds. If he's out at work or with his friends, he won't want to stare at his phone the entire time.

12 Taking Forever to Get Ready

Taking Forever to Get Ready He won't mind the fact that it takes you a half hour to do your makeup. Unless, of course, it means that you two end up late to an event. Then he won't be happy.

13 Making Him Initiate Sex

Making Him Initiate Sex Men want to feel sexy, too. If you never initiate sex, then he'll wonder if you still find him attractive.

14 Getting Interrupted during Sex

Getting Interrupted during Sex Sex is supposed to be an intimate act between two people. If your dog, cat, or roommate keeps interrupting, then it's going to ruin the mood.

15 Not Using What He Bought You

Not Using What He Bought You If he takes the time and money to buy you a nice necklace, he'll be disappointed if you never wear it.

16 Needing Him around 24/7

Needing Him around 24/7 He doesn't want to know that you're capable of living without him (even though you are). Of course, he doesn't want you to be too clingy, either.

17 Not Saying "I Love You"

Not Saying "I Love You" Maybe you didn't hear him. Maybe you had your mouth full. But when you don't say "I love you" back, he won't be happy, even if he already knows how you feel.

Don't feel bad if you do any or all of these things, because there will always be tiny things that annoy your partner. If they love you, they'll be able to handle it. What little thing does your boyfriend do that drives you nuts?

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