7 Ways to Catch the Attention of Your Crush ...


While you can't make someone like you, you can certainly make sure they know you exist. Follow these tips by guest contributor Sadie and you'll be grabbing the attention of that cutie you've been eyeing in no time.

Everyone has that special somebody. Here are some ways to draw attention to yourself and hopefully make your crush like you. If everything doesn't work out, just remember there are many other fish in the sea. Always be true to yourself and never change for a guy; it isn't worth it.

1. Look Your Best

Make sure that you are dressed nicely; don't wear sweats and a tee shirt. Don't be fake either. Be genuine and don't try to be somebody that you're not, just don't be sloppy.

Be Confident


I have a crush on a guy who I only ever see in the hallways >.
How does a girl interact with her crush if the guy she likes sits on the opposite side of the classroom but checks her out all the time?
Has anyone ever been Facebook stalking & accidentally liked an old post or added the person?!? No..? Just me? K, its fine..really..I just died of embarrassment. No biggie.
How can I make eye contact if I blush?? Ahw 😔
@Kimberley there are really cute workout outfits out here. You can look pretty and sexy when working out! Try lululemon!! That worked for me.
Rachel Grace
My bestfriend has a huge crush on this really popular kid. We have a lot of mutual friends but I need to find a way for them to meet. Any tips?? Thanks
@Courtney thanks :) I try to look super cute, but sometimes he will come in when I'm working out and I looka like a hot mess haha
How should I tell our mutual friend to tell him that I like him? If I have known our mutual friend for about 3 months?
😆 Hope these work
@Kimberley just make sure you have cute workout clothes and look sporty but cute. There's lots of cute workout clothes. Also do your hair in a cute bun or ponytail. Hope it helps:-)
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