4. Call Your BFF

Call Your BFF

If you have to call someone, avoid calling your ex and instead call your best friend. Talk to them about how you are feeling and see what their suggestions are.

I know I have rung my best friend numerous times, no matter what time day or night and she just chats away to me. Whether she tells me about her day, or just something random she saw online, she never fails to make me laugh and that’s why I love her. I always hang up the phone with a smile after talking to my best friend, and she never ever, ever fails to make me forget about my ex.

Create a Vision Board


Raveena Kay
Delete his number! Duhh. 😶
Block him!
Hide ur phone ? Hahaha 😂
exercise works best for me...it turned me into a gym rat haha #gome lol
I deleted his number,after changing his name in my contacts list to "DON'T CALL!"
Fantastic! Thank you.
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