9 Ways to Get inside a Man's Psyche ...


Getting into men’s psychology is perhaps the most coveted thing a woman may desire! Men say that women are hard to understand, and that may be the case. But men can be difficult to decode sometimes too. If you really want to get inside your man’s psyche and understand a little bit more about how guys think, here are a few steps to get you started. It’s all about getting your man to open up a bit. Read on for some info on getting into men’s psychology!

1. Be Supportive

One thing about men’s psychology is their need to have their ego stroked. Men love to know that they’re doing a good job and that you’ve got their back! No need to overdo it, but paying your man a compliment every now and then won’t hurt.

Know What Makes Him Tick


Eddie Frazier
@Jeni Norling,I never understood why some women accuse
Eddie Frazier
@Elaina,couldn't agree with u more.
Maquittia Tolliver
My main thing I usually do is listen more than I talk, men like to talk also if they're comfortable around you
Jeni Norling
i think one of the things that need to be added is never accuse your man of cheating on you if he watches porn.
Number 5 needs to be #1 first of all. And second please be direct with us. Tell us EXACTLY what you need.. We are terrible at taking hints... @davidvcast
Great advice! I'd also like to add that when men are angry or frustrated, typically they prefer to be left alone, although us women typically prefer to deal with things right then. But honestly, give ...
Kendra LUvyn ka'MaRi Harrison
I liike the ones u wrote.
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