9 Ways to Get His Attention without Coming on Too Strong ...

By Keith

9 Ways to Get His Attention without Coming on Too Strong ...

Ever feel like you just need a few ways to get his attention? Maybe it's that guy sitting across the bar, or maybe it's the one at work or the coffee shop. Maybe a neighbor? In your mind he may be surrounded by those prettier, those younger, or just those women who you think are better for him. But you still want his attention, and you do deserve it. So how do you find these ways to get his attention without coming on too strong? Here are some hints.

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Find a Common Interest and Talk with Him about It

Myself and my guy friends, we don't want our lady involved in everything we do, but some common ground is good. But we know when you are faking it, so you have to be honest on this. It can be any little thing, like good food or your favorite sport. There is something, it just may take a bit to figure it out, as there are many ways to get his attention.


Show Interest in Him

Such a simple little idea, but important. So many people, both guys and girls, forget this. Everyone wants to feel important, to feel that their partner is interested in them. And this starts right at the beginning, in courtship. You have to be genuinely interested in each-other.



Just one simple word: smile. I know this is what I have always been attracted to. Nothing is more powerful. A genuine smile directed in his way will let him know that you are at least comfortable around him, and that is a big step.



Along with smiling, laughing is a close second in importance. Laugh at his stupid jokes, find a way to laugh at life, be light hearted. A sense of humor always says "Hi! Look at me!"


Dress for Success

This is a valid point in many aspects of life, but of course this is love we are talking about! And this comes with some research. Is the guy you are interested in a dress and heels type? Or does he prefer the girl next door with the jeans and sneakers? You might have to try different approaches, but whatever the case, most guys have a style they are automaticly drawn to.

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Be Inquisitive, Not Creepy

Asking about my work, my friends, my life - that's cool. But once you start asking about my exes and what I may or may not have done with them starts to look a little strange. Everyone has their pasts and their demons, and of course with time you usually get to find these out about the person you are with, but the key word there is time. Let those questions come naturally.


Change Your Plans to Spend Time with Him

This one may come after you have already started dating, but sometimes can be in the beginning as well. A classic example of this would be the "soft invite" where you have already informed him you had plans at a certain time, in which he responded, "Darn, I would have liked you to come..." Of course you have to be the judge if the situation is real, or if he is just being polite. But making the time for him shows you are interested.


Invite Him to a Casual Gathering

The bar or a restaurant may be a little to high profile for this, where a backyard barbeque or neighborhood block party can be perfect. Something that says, "Hey I'm doing this fun thing and would like you to be part of it." Look for an event that is is easy for him to duck into, and out of, and see what happens!


Know Whats' Going on with Him (without Looking like a Stalker)

If you are already Facebook friends this can be a big help. If not, don't bring up stuff he posts, because he'll know you were checking him out. Instead use public knowledge and mutual friend information. If you heard his aunt got married or maybe his kid won a big sports thing, that is great stuff to be an icebreaker. And if you bring up something like that, be prepared to let him know how you know heard. If you are embarrassed how you heard (gossip, etc.) it might be best not to use that topic.

Showing interest and finding ways to get his attention can be difficult, but hopefully something in this list helped. Once you do get his attention it is up to you to keep it, but that’s another story for another time! So, how do you get his attention?

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