7 Ways to Overcome Being Shy with Guys ...

If you're constantly trying to find a way on how to not be shy with guys, it's okay ladies, I've got your back! Guys can be intimidating sometimes right? Especially your crush! Well girls, it's okay to be shy sometimes, but guys like confidence and if you are confident with your crush, I promise you'll get him faster! With that said, let's explore some ways on how to not be shy with guys, especially your crush!

1. Don't Be Scared to Be Silly

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The first way on how to not be shy with guys is not to be scared that you are acting silly. If you are enjoying some really good music, dance to it! Who cares? Also, he'll see the confidence and might just join in with you! Don't be scared to be a little silly with your crush, I'm sure he'll actually appreciate it!

2. Let Your Guard down First

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I know it's hard ladies, to really open yourself up because you are scared of rejection right? If you really want to learn how to not be shy with guys, you've got to let some of those walls down a little bit. Little by little, if you reveal more of yourself, I promise that he'll like you more and you'll feel more comfortable in the long run!

3. Show Him Yourself

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This tip for how to not be shy with guys goes hand-in-hand with #2! You want him to know you right? Showing yourself to him, really opening up and revealing that quirky, fun personality you have is a great way to really allow your crush to like you and get a chance to know you fully!

4. Push the Envelope

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Do you constantly feel shy and nervous around your crush? Well ladies, one tip on how to not be shy with guys is to really push the envelope. Do something crazy, approach him first, ask him out first – trust me, a guy likes a girl who knows how to push the envelope and how to really push herself into an uncomfortable situation!

5. Don't Limit Yourself

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Never, ever put a limit on yourself when you are letting a guy get to know you. Do you not want everything revealed on the first date? Focus in on the things that you want to reveal to him and the things that you want him to know so that he can really like you. Leaving yourself with a lot of options and not limiting yourself is a great way to really allow your crush to get to know you!

6. Be Confident

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Throughout this post we've been centering in on confidence and really ladies, it is that easy! If you really, truly want to learn how to not be shy with guys, you've got to be confident! Wear something that brings out your confidence, push yourself into confidence and push down your nerves!

7. Don't Worry about Being Judged

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Finally, if you are worried about being judged by your crush and worried about your crush rejecting you, don't worry! Just remember, there are plenty of guys that are incredible and plenty of guys that will love you for you!

There you have it ladies! All of the top ways on how to not be shy with guys! So ladies, do you have any more tips and tricks on how to not be shy with guys that I've missed? Share them here!

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