5. Laugh at His Jokes

This is the most cliche` way of all to show a guy you like him. I'm not saying to throw out the fake laugh and come off tacky. But do give a sweet giggle and make him feel secure even when the joke is the worst thing you have ever heard. He's being vulnerable by trying to impress you and that's sweet.

Take it as a compliment that he's trying to be funny and entertain you because he likes you. The best thing you can do is reciprocate by using one of the above body language techniques and a sincere laugh. I always think of when a guy sends me a wink face in a text and the meaning behind it being, "I just made a joke. Did you get it? Please text back, LOL because my ego is on the line." Picture that in a real life scenario so LOL at the joke and be that cutesy girl I know you are!

Get a Little Jealous


Heather Jensen
Hi Raghda! Does he flirt with you? Do you flirt with him? How does he interact with you?
Heather Jensen
Hi Fiona! Truthfully, I would wait to see if you can date him so that your parents know about it. It's better all around!
Well there is this guy at school I'm in 6th grade. I really like him but I dint know what to do I told him I like him my parents know I like him and I can't date I am going to try dating him secretly....
Raghda Abdulwahab
There is a boy that I like but I don't know if he likes me we have alot if things in common but I don't really know if he likes me or not
@Claire, hey swthrt dnt worry i guess ur having a crush n he to likes u but may be he fears to approach you, n dnt start e first move so that he will keep liking u
@Shelby Brackhan, such boys are just not into girls but are after using them...so dnt wait coz he will just break your precious heart..
@ kayla, just get a dude and n kiss him when he is with his friends to show him that he a'nt the only one who likes u...then wait 4 what nxt..xoxo!......... stella.
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