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20 Subtle Ways to Tell a Guy You like Him ...

By Sici

In the world of romance and dating, people are always looking for different and interesting ways to say the most simple things. If you meet someone who you get on with and are attracted to, it would probably make sense to just come out with it and tell him that you like him, right? No! That’s no fun! It’s all about playing the game and getting to that moment in a roundabout kind of way! Here are **20 ways to tell a guy you like him. **

1 Show a Newfound Interest in All of the Activities and Hobbies That He Likes the Most. He Will Definitely Start to Notice You More

2 Compliment Him Every Chance You Get. Guys Aren’t Usually Accustomed to Getting That Sort of Attention, Especially from Their Male Friends

3 Use Your Body Language to Express Your Interest. Hold Those Hugs for Slightly Longer, Stroke His Arm when You Talk to Him, Etc


5 Don’t Wait for Him to Text You. Assert Yourself and Text Him First if You Want to Start a Flirty Exchange

6 Forget Modern Rules of Texting Only. Pick up the Phone and Use It for Its Original Use, Give Him a Call and Have a Chat!

7 Work on Your Own Confidence. when You Are Glowing with Confidence, He Will Definitely Notice!

8 Do Some Cool Random Things to Surprise Him, Whether That’s Meeting Him at the End of Work for a Drink, or Offering to Take Him out for Dinner Etc

9 Be Aware of the Effect That Your Body Has on His Male Eyes, and Flaunt It in Front of Him without Being Totally Overt!

10 Get to Know His Friends Better. It’s Always Cool for a Guy when He Can See That a Girl Gets on with His Friends

11 Make Sure to Laugh at All of His Jokes to Start with, Even the Ones That You Don’t Think Are Particularly Funny!

12 Make the Effort to Maintain Eye Contact with Him Whenever You Are Talking. Eye Contact is Extremely Important

13 Show an Interest in His past Love Life. Ask Him about Exes and See if You Can Get a Feel of What He Likes and Doesn’t like

14 Make Sure That You Get the Point across to Him That You Are 100% Single and Ready to Mingle! You Don’t Want Him Wasting Time by Assuming That You Are Taken!

15 Try to Organise Time with Him That You Spend Alone, Away from Your Friends and Wider Social Circle

16 Open up to Him and Talk to Him in a Way That Makes Him Feel like You Have Known Each Other for Ever

17 Make Sure That You Can Be There for Him if He Happens to Be Going through a Tough Time. Guys Don’t Forget Girls Who Stick around when They Aren’t Feeling so Fun

18 Don’t Be Afraid to Flirt. It’s 2018, Girls Don’t Have to Wait until a Guy Shows Interest before They Can Be Cheeky!

19 Ask Him out, It’s as Simple as That! You Aren’t Some Princess Waiting in a Castle for the Prince to do All the Work!

20 Don’t Even Ask Him out First, Just Straight up Tell Him That You Fancy Him and That You Would like to Explore the Connection That You Think You Have with Him!

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