8 Mind Games Women Play on Men ...


There are plenty of mind games women play on men that we might not be aware of!

If your guy is constantly complaining about all of the mind games women play on men and the mind games you play on him, you've got to take a look at the list below.

Guys, this one is for you – while you may play a lot of head games too, we've got to take some of the blame for our own head games too.

Take a look below at my top 8 mind games women play on men!

1. The Waiting Game

One of the biggest mind games women play on men is all about waiting.

So the guy finally called the girl and she makes him wait.

And wait and wait.

She doesn't want to appear too clingy, but she also wants to leave you with another chance to call.

Girls, this isn't the best game in the world to play – if he calls, why not answer it?2

2. The Bait Game

Girls, another huge game that we do to our boyfriend is the 'do you think I am fat in these pants?', 'how does this top look?', it's all bait.

If he states his true opinion, he'll be in trouble and if he tells you exactly what he thinks you look like in those pants, you'd be extremely upset.

So he smiles and fakes it – what type of relationship is that?

3. Hard to Get

This is a game that so many women play in the beginning of a relationship or even when they are just starting the flirting process.

Typically girls, this is our time to test the waters with a guy and see if he is even worth the risk.

Guys, this isn't to mess with your brain, it's a necessity so that we don't get hurt!2

Dumb Game
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