4. Just a Little Jealousy

Do you mind if he has other friends that are girls? If you're jealous whenever he speaks to a female, you probably have feelings for him. If you try to put down any girls that he mentions positively, it's because you don't want him dating someone that isn't you. Jealousy doesn't come out of nowhere. There's always a reason behind your envy.

Unintentional Flirting


Eden Hollingsworth
What should I do if I'm in love with my best guy friend but he has a girlfriend? His girlfriend happens to be my bestfriend
I met a guy last summer, he's a great friend now and I care about him and we have this flirty, jokey banter thing going on but I think I 'really' like him but I don't think he feels the same ;(
Francesca Rose
@Swimluvr you have to see signs that he\'s into you. Sometimes it\'s hard to tell, or either sit down with him over dinner and tell him how you feel. Or ask him if he currently like someone at the moment, he may say you...you\'ll never know if you don\'t ask.
Francesca Rose
@Georgi W aww...thanks. I am just waiting for Mr. Right, it kills me when guys are indecisive and they just don\'t know how they put girls thru emotional pain. But I am doing better now😄
@Ciara don\'t let others make choices for you. Stand up for yourself, and don\'t let anyone stop you.
@Timry thanks
Please?? Someone got any advice??:/
@Timry Thank you!!! I appreciate it and can\'t wait to jab that bubble. Yes, I agree high school dating rules do more harm then good.
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