5. Unintentional Flirting

Sometimes we flirt without realizing it. If he tells a joke, do you react normally or do you giggle uncontrollably? When he speaks, do you hang on every word that he says? You could be sending honest signals that you like him, without even realizing it. The next time you're around him, try to pay attention to the way you act around him versus the way you act around your other friends.

Girl Talk


Georgi W
@Lidia that\'s the thing that kills me too! The constant flirting! I\'m sure the right person is out there somewhere ;)
Or or if he\'s goin out with a lame chick and you think you are better than tell him this: \" you should dump her, and go out with me\". Bold and romantic
Haha that was a funny emo com I didn\'t know I had, if I were to say anything about this I\'d say most single guys would be siked if their best chick friend wanted to go out with them, if they aren\'...
I am in love with my best friend and I\'m not sure what to do. He has a girl friend but she is mean to him. He deserves better and it hurts me to watch him put up with her.
Gabby Marcss
Ahhhhh I\'m not going to lie, all of these but 6 are exactly me!!! I don\'t know what to do!!! I can\'t believe I want to be more than friends with him. I don\'t know what to do!!! Ahahh my heart is just cray cray lol
@Stacey Seems to me he became scared! He might not know how to act.
I met a guy and we\'ve been friends for three years. I want him to be more than a friend, but I don\'t want to scare him off or ruin out friendship. Tips?
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