Undeniable Signs He's the One You're Meant to Marry ...


When he proposes, you'll be eager to grab the ring, but you should look for signs he's the one you're meant to marry.

The divorce rate is about fifty percent, which means that half of all marriages will fail.

You don't want to be one of them, which is why you need to look for signs he's the one you're meant to marry.

Here are some of the biggest things to pay attention to:

1. Vision of the Future

You shouldn't marry someone if you want a big family and he doesn't want any children.

If you're going to spend the rest of your life together, you need to discuss where you're going to live, who's going to work, and how many children you want.

If you have different visions of the future and aren't willing to compromise, then the marriage won't last.

If you're on the same page, then it's one of the biggest signs he's the one you're meant to marry.

2. Only Little Lies

Think about how often you've lied to your man in your life--or this week.

If you're always telling little lies without feeling guilty, then after fifty years of marriage, you'll feel comfortable telling bigger lies.

You need to be with someone you trust and wouldn't dream of lying to or cheating on.

3. Continue to Compromise

Couples fight.

It happens.

However, the way that you deal with your fights are of great importance.

If you end up giving in to his demands after every fight, then you're never going to be happy.

You need to find ways to compromise if you're going to move forward.

4. Same Team

You're on the same team, which means you should split the chores, or at least divide them in a fair way.

You shouldn't be the only one washing dishes if he had all of his friends over for a party.

You should both take on as much responsibility as you can in order to lighten the load for each other.2

You'll only get lazier the longer you're married, so if things aren't fair now, they'll never be better.

Always the Honeymoon
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