4. He Gets Overwhelmed Even with Simple Tasks

He Gets Overwhelmed Even with Simple Tasks

It's not that difficult to put gas in his car.

If he won't go to the gas station without whining and complaining, he's not right for you.

He Lives in Uncertainty


I like this article , it just a reminder that if you are a person who appreciates life and looks forward to see her or his other half but then the other half always or most of the time brings you down , it's because sometimes they just like to make you feel bad. I do t think that it's all about depression. There are people who just like to shit on your happiness and you just can't change that !
Indi Sage
These are basically symptoms for depression and anxiety. Please get help they are shitty illnesses but you can get better
The fact that my baby Chris brown is in the first pic 😐
Pinkz Marquillero
I'm confuse with this! ahahaha!
If you'll end up feeling like this yourself, it is very important your boy or girlfriend doesn't run of because of it. I know it is hard but if you love someone you'll do anything for them, isn't it?
This sounds like your guy has anxiety/ depression :(
These sound like classic signs and symptoms of clinical depression. Please see a healthcare provider for help. I've dealt with it for nineteen years, and at it's best, it's a bitch to deal with, at it's worst, one may become suicidal.
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