10 Signs Your Crush and You Are Headed for a Relationship ...


If only there was a degree in reading various signs that come with matters of the heart? How do you know that your little thing with your crush is heading in the direction of a relationship? Guest contributor Charleyann dissects it for you. Thanks Charleyann!

So you've been sort of "having a thing" with this guy for the past couple of weeks and your questioning whether or not it's actually gonna last... don't worry ladies we've all been there. Go ahead and read the following signs!

1. Constantly Hangs around You

Think about it this way: If you didn't like a guy or think he’s cool in SOME way you wouldn't waste your time hanging around him. So if he's constantly around you, constantly finding excuses to talk to you, chances are he wants to be more than just friends.

Compliments You


Hey I'm so confused, sometimes I think I really like the guy I'm seeing, but then sometimes I just feel like I need space and don't really want a relationship....why am I feeling like this and does it mean I don't like him if I don't feel butterflies? :S
@Shraddha, yes of course! This is relevant for any ages; does he talk to you during class instead of going to rough-house with his buddies? Does he grab lunch with you in the lunchroom/anywhere? Do you see him in-between classes?
Heather Jensen
Aww! That's so cute! :) Have you ever tried to flirt with him a little more? See where it goes? Heck, even texting him to hang out might be a good idea!
Heather Jensen
Hi! Have you tried to be direct -- and blunt with him? Sometimes, you gotta do that when he tries to ignore you! :)
Ok isn't this so relevant to 16 or 20 year olds? What man would behave so? Need some new signs to be penned down ...!
@Elle, talk to him, flirt with him, or text him! You'll never know how he really feels until you ask! Best of luck to you and your boy-toy(: haha
I have experienced a few of these with this Bulgarian guy who was my TA for one of my classes! I never considered him until I picked up on how he treated me (I was late to class and he even helped me...
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