9 Subtle Ways to Let Him Know You like Him without Looking Desperate ...


Ways to Let Him Know You Like Him without seeming too desperate are hard! After all, you don’t want to come off as psycho right off the bat right? Well ladies, I’m a guru on ways to let him know you like him without seeming desperate! Below are 9 of the top ways to let him know you like him, so you can come off as subtle rather than desperate!

1. Act Flirty

Every guy likes to be flirted with! Face it. It makes them feel sexy, feel wanted and is definitely one of the top ways to let him know you like him! So flirt a little, give a coy little smile, touch his hair – it’s all part of the plan ladies!

Compliment Him


Hello, There is this guy on campus that I like. He's very elegant and charming. And I am very shy. We chatt sometimes, but it is all about school. It's been almost a year now that I am attracted to h...
Morgan Thomas
I did talk to him and he felt bad because he didn't realize my feelings were that strong. I feel bad that I made him feel bad, but I'm always the type to hold in feelings and I finally let them all ou...
Hey Morgan! Firstly, did you tell him how you felt? I would maybe have that conversation with him and see how he reacts, but if he is committed to his girlfriend and he really, really likes her, I wouldn't try to get involved. I hope that helps!
Morgan Thomas
Hey heather I need your help!!!...ok so I'm 15 and me and a really good guy friend of mine had started talking more and flirting a lot of text messages.. He now has just got a girlfriend and I'm upset...
Hey heather , ok so I need HELP ! I like my bestfriend that I grew up with , he was always just a family friend , nothing more until last summer , I've always known he liked me since the fourth grade ...
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