7 Things Women do That Push Men Away ...


Have you ever wondered if there are specific things women do that push men away?

Sometimes it seems like men and women are completely different when it comes to communication.

What one woman deems to be appropriate dating behavior, a man might interpret to be total deal breaker.

But don’t you worry, there are indeed winners in this game called love.

While I can’t decode all men, what I can do is share some of the most common things women do that push men away.

I think you might be surprised at some of them!

1. Overanalyzing

One of the top things women do that push men away would be overanalyzing emotions.

A man can say or do something without much thought, whereas a woman will spend hours discussing the nuances in said statement or act with a girlfriend.

As a woman I know it’s hard not to overthink things when you’re dating someone new since you don’t always know where a guy stands, and let’s face it, not all guys are very transparent.

However, too much analyzing can drive a man away as it can appear obsessive.

If he didn’t text you as often as he did yesterday, just go with it.2

Don’t assume it means anything since it most likely doesn’t!

If you’re always obsessing over small details and confronting him about them, things are sure to get uncomfortable quickly, which will make him, if not both of you, want to run!

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