5. Trace Your Partner's Ear with Your Tongue

Your tongues don't have to stay in your mouths. Some people like to have their ears played with, so you can trace their ear with your tongue or gently bite on their earlobe. When you're kissing down their chest, you can also use your tongue a bit. Some people like cold sensations, so if you lick a sensitive spot and then blow on it, it could drive them crazy.

Lick Your Own Lips with Your Tongue


@N8alie. Be glad your parents love each other!
@anz83 but you wouldn't really KNOW that they were writing the alphabet in your mouth with your tongue 😂😂😂
I saw my parents kissing before.... 😓😱😰😭 scarred for life
If someone tried to write the alphabet in my mouth, I'd be out if there.
Brenda Marie
so helpful ! 😊
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