Warning Signs 🚨 You're Dating below ⏬ Your Maturity Level 📶 ...

I honestly think this happens to everyone at some point. No matter what your sexuality, you're bound to date someone who's not quite as mature as you. Sometimes it's really obvious, too. That can often be what leads to a breakup, although that's not always the case – immaturity may be your thing, or your partner may mature over time. Still, if you're starting to wonder about your little love muffin, it's worth it to figure out if you're dating someone who's below your maturity level.

1. S/he Plays Pranks on You

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There's really nothing wrong with a good prank, but you have to admit, pranking isn't quite the epitome of maturity. Of course, pranks can be wickedly clever, even brilliant, but the whole idea is a bit childlike. I personally think that's charming, but not everyone feels the same way.

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