How to Tell if a Guy Likes You 15 Signs to Know ...

By Leiann

How to Tell  if a Guy Likes You  15 Signs  to Know  ...

If he has all of these qualities, he is a keeper and not a creeper!

1 Laughter

Does he make you giggle non-stop?

2 Body Language

Does he lean toward you?

3 Includes with Friends

Does he introduce you to his friends?

4 How Friends Treat You

Do his friends compliment you or do they "whisper whisper"?

5 Eye Contact

Does he look straight at you?

6 Non-stop Questions

He wants to know all about you. For example, "Do you have a boyfriend!"

7 Nervousness

Does he sweat, have shakiness?

8 Alike Interests

Do you like the same songs and/or shows?

9 Being with You

He truly likes spending time with you.

10 Protective

When other girls are around, does he focus his attention on you alone?

11 Gifts

Does he buy you little reminders? Sometimes the smallest things can mean alot. The cost does not matter.

12 Compliments

Does he notice when you do something different with your hair, your make-up, etc.?

13 Social Media

Does he pay attention to you on social media?

14 Smiles

Does he smile?

15 No Interruptions

Does he ignore his cellular phone calls when he is around you?

All of these little tips could lead you to the "one", especially if you are looking. Good luck!

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