How to Find the Right Guy ...


How to Find the Right Guy ...
How to Find the Right Guy ...

Are you having a hard time finding love? It does not have to be that way. Take a refresher course from this video to get the basics if you think you've lost your touch. Our hormones tend to make things a lot more difficult than they are!

The 5 tips given are the simple basics!

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Sense of Humor/fun

Joke and be fun to be around!



Give him a big smile!



Cook him dinner, go bowling, watch a movie together...



Establish boundaries. If no sex yet, say so.


Be Yourself

Don't be fake. For example, if you wear tons of make-up, then get in a serious relationship, he is eventually going to see you without. Let him see the real you from the get-go. If he is shallow, he doesn't deserve you.

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Good luck... By the way, wish me a little luck too!

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