How a Good Girl Can Get Her Man ...

By Sici

How a Good Girl Can Get Her Man ...

You’ve probably seen it played a million times before, at school, at work, at the club ... it’s that situation where the stereotypically ‘bad girls’ always bag the hot guys because their stronger, louder personalities come through over a softer, more delicate good girl image. You only need to look at Sandy’s transformation in Grease to see what I’m talking about: she’s unlucky in love with Danny in her demure guise, but as soon as she dons the leather pants and smokes the cigarette, they live happily every after! However, I don’t think that this is a story we should be repeating! Here is how a good girl can get her man without having to put out!

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Tell Him a Secret

Reveal something to him that you haven’t told many people. It will make him feel like he holds a special place in your heart, and it will help the intimacy to grow without any kind of overtly sexual contact.


Be Vulnerable

Allow yourself to be vulnerable around him; let him see that you lower your guard when you are with him, and it will make him feel special and loved.


Encourage the Same from Him

Behave in such a way that it makes him feel comfortable being vulnerable himself. That can be a hard thing for a guy to do, but if he does, you know that you are really getting somewhere with him.


Be Strange

Show him a weirder, quirkier side to yourself that isn’t normally on display in larger social settings. It will again build the intimacy between you; he will feel like you are letting him see behind the curtain!


Encourage Him to Be the Same

And in return, hopefully, you can encourage him to be strange too! Guys are even more conditioned to only show this hard outer shell, so if you can get him to open up to you in this way, that’s a great sign.

Famous Quotes

If you have a harem of 40 women, you never get to know any of them very well.

Warren Buffett

Make Him Laugh

Tickle his funny bone rather than tickling anything else at this stage! Win him over with your personality and wit rather than going straight for the more physical tactics.


Help Him out

Take time to show him that you care and what to just hang out doing anything by helping it out with his boring chores. These types of mundane activities can often make for the best bonding sessions.


Cook for Him

They say the best way to man’s heart is through his stomach! Prove that this is true by cooking him a really nice home cooked meal.


Win His Friends over

It is a huge deal if a guy’s friends like you, so make the effort to win them over in just the same way that you are trying to win him over too!



Take an interest in his family. Bad girls tend to run a mile when any mention of meeting family comes up, so if you can sense things are going in that direction, why not even suggest it yourself?



Surprise him every now and them with little gifts that have big sentimental meaning. It doesn’t always have to be a guy doing that for a girl!


Change His Opinion

Work on trying to change his opinion about something to test whether he really respects your values or not. It can be something as small as liking or disliking a movie, just something that can create a little fun debate. If you do manage to change his mind, he’ll always remember you for that!

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