What Dating is Really like in 2015 ...

By Heather

What Dating is Really like in 2015 ...

Dating in 2015 is so, so different and if you haven't experienced it before, below, I got some gifs to show you what it's really like! So, if you haven't dated yet or you are diving into the dating pool, take a look below to see what you're getting yourself into.

1 Flirting = Sexting

2 Running Late? Not Coming? Text

3 First Date Kisses Usually Happen in the Middle of the Date

4 Your New Match-maker is an App

5 It Does Still Take Forever to Find the Outfit for the First Date

6 This Could Easily Be a Second Date …

7 After the Date … You Expect a Text

8 … and You Keep Checking Every Five Minutes

9 Most Dates Are Very Casual

10 Flowers Don't Come until You Are 'Facebook Official'

11 You'll Get Rejected, Most Likely via an App

12 … and There Will Be Times That You Won't

13 Or There Will Be Times That You'll Have to Be Confident

14 You'll Have Countless Hours of Talking … Online before Actually Meeting the Person

15 Once You Meet Them?

16 They Aren't Exactly What You Were Expecting...

17 You Miss the Old Days, when There Weren't Apps and Websites

18 Because You Want the Romance

19 You Want to Be Swept off Your Feet

20 That's What We All Want Right?

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