8 Clever Pisces Love Tips ...

Heather Jensen

8 Clever Pisces Love Tips ...

Since I'm a Pisces, I'm always looking for Pisces love tips that actually work – and explain why I am the way that I am. If you're a Pisces and your partner doesn't understand why it's sometimes hard for you to make a decision or why you want them to be considerate, it might be time to share some of the Pisces love tips I have below! Sometimes, Pisceans just need a little reminder of exactly how we are, so we can explain it to people we love!

1 Pisces Love Wonder

One of the best Pisces love tips that I've found is that we are all full of wonder. This means that our partner has to keep us enchanted and keep us wondering. It appeals to our wonderland side and makes us want to follow our partner down the rabbit hole!

2 Be Considerate

Pisces are one of those signs that take consideration and considerate people very seriously, so if you are dating a Pisces, you've got to be considerate to them. Don't be rude to anyone in front of them, because this makes them very uncomfortable. For me, when someone around me is rude to a waitress or waiter, I get really uncomfortable.

3 Hard-to-Decide on Things

A Pisces is known to be indecisive; we find it really hard to decide on things. This can be something as simple as choosing a restaurant to go to all the way to deciding what to do that night. You've got to take your time and let them decide on what they want to do. It's frustrating I know, but give them time and they will make a decision.

4 Don't Overstimulate

Pisceans are people that don't want to be in a huge, huge crowd and actually feel pretty uncomfortable in overstimulated crowds. With the dates, keep it all simple and just make sure that it is toned down on the people. You don't want to scare your Pisces away too easily!

5 Don't Be Too Critical

I know, just from being a Pisces, that I am constantly looking for feedback, but you want to tread lightly when you are giving feedback to a Pisces. You can't be too critical, they are very sensitive and you don't ever want to crush the spirit of a Pisces. So just be careful!

6 Don't Assume

Never assume that you know everything about a Pisces either. They like to have mystery to them (trust me on this!) and they don't want to be completely known in every facet. So make sure that instead of assuming, you are asking and figuring things out.

7 Not Materialistic

Now, I am a little materialistic, but I try to keep it under wraps, but most Pisces are not materialistic. They would rather have a gift that you spent time making instead of one that is brought. Pisceans are all about the DIY gifts!

8 Don't Dismiss Things You Can't See

Finally, a Pisces is someone that is filled with beliefs and wants and desires and they believe that things are out there, that you can't exactly see. A Pisces typically believes in ghosts and spirits. Just because you can't see them, doesn't mean that they aren't there, keep that in mind!

So, there you have it, all of my love tips for a Pisces! If you've been dating a Pisces for a while now, do any of these apply? Are you like this? Shoot me a comment below!