7 Complications 😖 Even the Happiest Couples 💑 Deal with ...


There’s no perfect relationship and if a couple tells you theirs is, they’re either in denial or haven’t been together long enough to discover it isn’t. Many people do have wonderful relationships but even those aren’t without complications. These’re 7 complications even the happiest couples deal with. Realizing everyone has issues in their relationship can help you to realize you’re not alone.

1. You’re Two Different People

This’s such a simplistic observation. It’s certainly not news. But you may not realize how very different you are. Even if you have a lot in common there can be clashes just because you’re different people. Accepting this can help minimize conflicts that occur when you try to force the other person to see things like you do.

The Introvert Vs Extrovert Issue


He's a nightingale and I'm a morning glory also, he's messier then me but we get along perfectly because we love and respect each other
Isabella Coles
If anything sometimes me and my fiancé don't agree on absolutely everything which is fine with me, still got our own opinions and independence on particular things. We don't fight, it's only matter of different thoughts is all
Kashish Gupta
I agree with monetj79
This is so true! In order to have a successful relationship you must first realize that your guy is not going to always thinking in the same matter your thinking.
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