17 Things That'll Attract Him More than a Hot Body Will ...


17 Things That'll Attract Him More than a Hot Body Will ...
17 Things That'll Attract Him More than a Hot Body Will ...

Believe it or not, looks aren't everything. Men aren't as shallow as we think they are, which means they actually care about more than the size of our breasts and the look of our butts. Here are a few things that'll attract him more than a hot body will:

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A Genuine Smile

color, hair, face, photograph, image, Any smile is beautiful when it's genuine. If a man is able to make you laugh, he's going to love the way you look when it happens.


Making a Move

Making a Move It's sexy for a woman to make the first move. Men don't want to be stuck with that responsibility, so asking him out will make him find you hotter than ever.



Charity A woman who actually uses her time to help out others in need is clearly a good person. So why wouldn't he be attracted to someone like this?



Confidence Confidence is the sexiest trait a woman could have. That's why you should walk around with your back straight and your head held high. Flaunt what you've got.


Sense of Humor

hair, person, photography, hairstyle, model, If you want to be happy together, you need to laugh together. The only way that'll happen is if he thinks you have a great sense of humor.

Famous Quotes

Those who cannot learn from history are doomed to repeat it.

George Santayana


hair, human action, person, photography, girl, He doesn't want you to bring him down when he's in a good mood. He wants you to cheer him up when he's in a bad mood.



Independence He wants to know that you'll be okay when he's not around., and independent girls are capable of taking care of themselves.


Down to Earth

hair, clothing, hairstyle, black hair, fashion accessory, Snobbiness is a major turn off. That's why being down to earth is a turn on. It's the complete opposite.


Open Mindedness

Open Mindedness No one wants to be judged. If you have an open mind, then he won't be scared to tell you his deepest, darkest secrets.


A Good Fashion Sense

A Good Fashion Sense It doesn't matter what's underneath your clothing. As long as you wear outfits that make you feel amazing, he'll be happy to look at you all day long.



hair, human action, person, black hair, blond, Passionate women are amazing in the bedroom. That should speak for itself.


Being a Social Butterfly

hair, facial expression, face, person, nose, He wants you to get along with his friends and family members. That's why it's important that you're friendly and social.



Ambitiousness No one wants to date someone who sits around on the couch all day. You need to have dreams and goals.



Generosity In a healthy relationship, neither of you can be selfish. You need to give and take an equal amount.



Intelligence He wants to be able to have stimulating conversations with you. That'll only happen if you're intelligent, which is why it's such a turn on.



hair, image, black hair, photography, lady, You know how hard it is for us to find "a good guy?" Well, men think it's hard to find a good girl, which is why they appreciate sweetness so much.



Talent Let him read a poem you've written or hear you sing a song you love. Once he sees how talented you are, he'll find you irresistible.

It doesn't matter if your skin looks flawless or your clothes are stylish, because there are other things that make a woman attractive. What do you find the most attractive about men, aside from their looks?

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Pretty much everything lol

I disagree with this statement, a true and caring man should always take care of the girl he loves and doesn't expect her to be fine and independent without him!

And... A beautiful mind!

Totally agree

Lol, @Me12, agreed and Intelligence is gold!

Can someone explain "down to earth" to me I don't get it

Guys like bad bitches too x

Absolutely true @Dee Dee, i agree with you. :)

So much for feminism

Yeah all the hits have women with skinny bodies

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