How to Bitch to Your Girlfriends when You Have a Fight with Your so ...


How to Bitch to Your Girlfriends when You Have a Fight with Your so ...
How to Bitch to Your Girlfriends when You Have a Fight with Your so ...

Have you ever noticed that when you start to moan about your SO with your girlfriends, you get on a bit of a roll? Even if he hasn’t done certain things recently, you bring them all out in a litany of his faults. If you’re going to have a bitch about your SO, you might as well do it justice so here are the things you should cover:

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Household Neatness

Household Neatness Are you always the one who has to pick up dirty socks and make the bed each morning? Don’t keep it in. Let loose and tell your friends how much it annoys you!


Manly Clothes Hygiene

Manly Clothes Hygiene You wouldn’t dream of wearing the same underwear for two or three days before grabbing a new pair and throwing the old in the laundry, so what makes it okay for him to do it!?


Lack of Proper Dates

Lack of Proper Dates Ever since Netflix and Chill became a thing, he has hardly taken you out on a proper date. Let your feelings be known!


Never Uses His Phone

Never Uses His Phone Your friends are the perfect people to vent to when you are sick to death of the fact that he never EVER replies to messages or answers his phone.


Hates Cuddles

Hates Cuddles All you want is to be able to fall asleep in the arms of the guy that you love, but after five minutes he says he’s too hot and the moment is over. Argh!


Prefers His Bros

Prefers His Bros Spending too much time with his friends instead of you is a classic reason for bitching to your girlfriends. You’d be keeping up an old tradition!


Never Puts Stuff Away

Never Puts Stuff Away Is your boyfriend the kind of guy that will do all of washing but then take days and days to fold and put stuff away? Let your BFFs know exactly how you feel about it!


Messy Car

Messy Car What is it about some guys and their complete inability to keep their cars free of garbage and old food? It’s gross and your friends need to know about it!



Oblivious Sometimes you can get into an argument where he is completely oblivious to any blame or fault that might be on his side. The only satisfaction you are going to get in this situation is if you rant to your friends about it and they assign the blame to him too!


Forgets Plans

Forgets Plans That weekend getaway that the two of you had had planned for a month? Yep, that’s right, he completely forgot and has double booked himself. No problem, just go with your girlfriends and have a bitching good time!


Talks with Mouth Full

Talks with Mouth Full It’s only a small annoyance in the grand scheme of things, but these small annoyances can build up and that’s why it’s vital to bitch to your friends and get them out of your system!


Bad Jokes

Bad Jokes He’s gorgeous and he treats you really well, but wow do his jokes suck! Instead of letting it become a big thing between you, just vent to a friend for some release.


Bad Communication

Bad Communication If he is completely incapable of sharing his feelings with you, then you will have no choice but to turn to your friends for some much needed emotional analysis!


Hates Your Shows

Hates Your Shows Netflix can be a hot topic in a relationship, and if he hates all of your favorite shows and movies, then your friends are definitely going to be hearing about how terrible his pop culture taste is!


Takeout Preferences

Takeout Preferences Why is it on the night you fancy pizza, he insists on Chinese? When you want Indian, he insists on kebab. Why? Why?


Bathroom Habits

Bathroom Habits Of course it’s a whole list of clichés but why does he one, never hang up his wet towels, two, always squeeze the toothpaste tube in the middle, three, never puts the toilet lid down, four, never screws bottle lids on properly so when you shake them, the contents go everywhere, five, not replacing the used toilet roll, six, popping zits and not cleaning the mirror - need I go on?



Overdramatic Tell your friends all of the worst stuff so that the fight between you and your BF doesn’t get too overheated and end up being the last one you ever have.


Apology Wanted

Apology Wanted All you want is a simple apology, is that too much to ask? Until his pride can handle a simple ‘sorry’, then you can bitch to your friends all you like.


New Profile Pic?

New Profile Pic? Spend some cathartic time with your pals picking out the perfect new profile pic for if the worst happens and you and your BF don’t make it through this fight.

What other crimes do you bitch about to your girlfriends?

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So true!! I agree 💃🏻

Perhaps if he's doing these things he shouldn't be your boyfriend. Seems like you haven't got a keeper.

I agree with the posters here. This seems like a list of pretty petty, immature things to get bitchy about. Especially OUTSIDE the relationship.

Okay, the popping zits and not cleaning the mirror afterwards is too much lol!!! 😲

You shouldn't bitch about your guy (or girl) to anyone :/

Vent too much and he is gone gone gone and in any case if u are burdening your friends with ur boyfriend it would eventually fall on deaf ears. And if u r going to talk about ur man like that maybe it is time to move on before u become a laughing stock secretly amongst ur friends! Just saying!

@Kris well maybe these are deal breakers to some people. Not for you, clearly, but maybe for some of the other millions of readers we have here - I'm sure it's possible.

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