How to Have Better Conversations on Dating Apps ...


How to Have Better Conversations on Dating Apps ...
How to Have Better Conversations on Dating Apps ...

It’s fair to say that the primary focus on all of the dating apps in today’s culture are the photos. Sure, you want to make sure that you look your best, and you want to be enticed and interested by the looks of potential dates, but what about when it comes to breaking the ice and actually talking to one another? When all of the small talk has been used up, things can go so stale so quickly that it kills any initial spark that you might have felt! Here is how to have better conversations on dating apps!

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Have Some Conversation Starters

Use some of your profile/bio space to include a few conversation starters that aren’t just about your looks or your sexual preferences. Throw in a few movie titles, books, bands that you like etc., and hopefully the person will have read through your information and be interested in talking to you about the things that you love. It’s always better when you find common ground.


Ask Them Questions

Too many women on dating apps are passive, simply answering the questions that the guy asks, and responding to his messages rather than the other way around. Do some homework of your own on his profile and take the lead in conversation, talking to him about the things that relate to his own interests. Sometimes it can feel like climbing a hostile hill for the men on apps!


Use GIFs

GIFs are the perfect form of media to use if you want to get a little flirty, but don’t have quite the courage to use your own words at this moment in time. It gives you a sense of slight distance whilst also getting your point across perfectly!


Use Fewer Emojis

GIFs can be fun, but emojis are kind of overplayed at this point. They are fine to punctuate something that you have written, but when you start using only emojis to respond to a message, it sort of kills the flow of the conversation and makes it hard for the other person to respond naturally.


Don't Use One Word Replies

There is nothing worse than a simple ‘yeah’ or ‘lol’ in a dating app. If someone has taken the time to type out a proper message to you, you need to respond in the same way if you are interested. It’s impossible to gauge a connection with one word answers, and it comes across as though you are bored with the company.


Watch Your Grammar

Make sure to use proper grammar. You don’t have to write as you are constructing a Victorian novel; the conversation can still be super casual and fun, but it just comes across much better if you are using all of your correct punctuation and spelling to get your messages across!


Be Yourself

Don't try to be something you are not. Start with a pretence and you will have to keep it going or have an uncomfortable confession further down the road. You want the person to fall for you, not something that isn't real.

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