7 New Couple Activities to Spice It up ...


There are exciting couple activities that will keep you both entertained for the entire day. Turn off Netflix, step away from your electronics, and try something new for a change. You might have the time of your life, but you'll never know unless you go for it. Here are some ideas for fun couple activities to try with your mate:

1. Zombie Laser Tag

If you find yourself in New York, there's a location where you can play laser tag with a twist. Instead of shooting at your friends, you get to gun down zombies. It'll get your adrenaline pumping, and will let you see if your mate could actually protect you during the apocalypse. It's one of the fun couple activities that you'd have a blast trying out. But if you're nowhere near NYC, then you can always settle for good old fashioned laser tag, or find a zombie video game to play.

Play around with Body Paint


mmmm so just anything. for new couple anything is fun anyway lol
paint ball and water gun fights are fun too.
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